Yurong HUANG

Institute for Cultural Industries, Shenzen University Nongovernmental Organizations and the Division of Cultural Labour : Emerging Patterns of Cultural Governance in China

Participant’s resume     : Dr. Yurong Huang is a researcher and director of Academic Research Department of Institute for Cultural Industries, Shenzhen University. Meanwhile, she is director of Center Arts and Cultural Policy Studies Department of Shenzhen University. She is Vice Chair of Nanshan Association of Literacy Critics, Shenzhen. She received her doctoral degree from Sun Yat-sen University and she was a Post-doctoral fellow at Cultural Policy Studies Center, Chinese Academy of Arts. She was a visiting scholar at New York University (NYU), USA from January 2014 to February 2015. Her main research interest is cultural policy. She has published 18 papers and 2 books focused on Arts and Cultural Policy and Funding Management. She is Principal Investigator of Analysis and System design for China’s cultural Funding Management & Policy Environment for Creative Integration of Culture and Technology, funded by National Social Science Foundation, P. R. China.