Red Dot Foundation (Safecity) Using technology, crowdsourced data and community engagement to address sexual violence in public spaces *Safecity, crowdmap, technology

Suzanne Goodney Lea, PhD, is CEO of Red Dot Foundation Global, which works to make public spaces safer via crowd mapping and community engagement/dialogue.  Dr. Lea is also a Fellow with the Interactivity Foundation, which facilitates deliberative discussions of public policy among citizen and trains university faculty and students to lead exploratory public-policy-related discussions in their classrooms and communities.  She is currently developing two projects at IF:  one exploring ways to use community resources to anticipate and prevent mental health disasters and the other creating opportunities for police and citizens in Baltimore, MD, to have direct dialogues.  Dr. Lea has served as an Assistant Professor at Gallaudet University’s Sociology Department, and as Chair of Criminal Justice at Trinity Washington University.  Her current academic research explores police use of deadly force.  In the 2014-15 school year, she led undergraduate social research methods students at UMBC to collect 25 years of police-use-of-deadly-force incidents, which they analyzed and compiled into an op-ed published by The Baltimore Sun in May of 2015.  She recently co-authored the book Let’s Talk Politics:  Restoring Civility Through Exploratory Discussion.