Prof. Dr. Khaled ABBAS

Egypt National Institute of Transport Roads and Transport Authority

Professor Abbas has 32 years experience in transportation consultancy/research/training and academia. This involved leading & managing transport groups/departments and conducting projects/studies/research/training/teaching in fields of strategic, urban, road rail, port and air transport planning, traffic modelling, public transport, traffic engineering & safety, feasibility studies,  logistics management, restructuring, PPP, and sustainable development. He worked in Egypt, Australia, Saudi, Dubai, USA and UK. He is Professor and former dean of of Egypt National Institute of Transport and Expert at Public Transport Agency RTA. He was involved in 170 transport consultancy/research projects/studies with SMEC Australia, RTA Dubai, ENIT, UN, World Bank, European Union etc.. He published more than 100 journal articles & conference papers, as well as attended more than 70 conferences/seminars. He taught more than 35 specialised academic undergraduate and graduate courses as well as designed and delivered more than 50 training courses He was a member in more than 13 international professional organizations as well as a member of more than 100 committees in Egypt, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, UK, Germany, USA, the European Commission. Dr Abbas was awarded more than 35 awards, plaques, recognition and thank you letters/certificates.