Maisaa Saeed

İşraqat Derneği

She has Bachelor Degree in Chemistry in Damascus University in Syria and a Master Degree in Islamic Studies and the relation between Islam and west including orientalism and. She is still in first year because she run away from Syria when she became wanted for Syrian regime as an activist. She had trainings in ALJAZEERA channel in preparation programs as practical courses. She is the former member in Syrian scientific research inventor’s team. She worked in MGC as Quality Assurance Lab Manager, and she got an award for the best quality member in the company. She also worked in IDC Centre as a trainer in Personal Development. She worked in Al Kholany School as Chemistry and Physics Teacher. Also she worked as a journalist in Doha Centre for Media Freedom in Qatar. Finaly she is the director of Ishraqat Association which focuses on all the issues related to Syrian Women.