Al QUDS Municipality Civil Society Organizastions' Relation with Municipalities

Arabic and Islamic relations officer in the municipaliy of Jerusalem, deputy secretary of the Jerusalem arabic chamber of commerce and industry, member of the international relations committee of the supreme Islamic body in Palestine, chairman of Palestinian consumer protection association, and works as a field coordinator for the Turkish foundation “Tika” in supporting and restoration shops in Jerusalem.

He studied law at the university of Alexandria in 1980, working in the commercial sector for over thirty years, receiving many courses in the service of civil society, media, administration and management, marketing, development, labor and workers rights, in many countries including: Germany, Sweden, Denmark, China, Tunisia, U.A.E. and Egypt, as well as the representation of the city of Jerusalem in many regional and international conferences and exhibitions.

During his working period, he was responsible for a number of projects to support and develop the commercial sector, as well as supervising the implementation of a number of studies and statistics in the field of commercial and community sectors in Jerusalem and served as head of the economics department at the national people's congress in Jerusalem, and founder of a number of trade and economic committees.