Centre for International Peace & Stability -CIPS *Philanthropic Civil Society and the Reconstruction of Humanitarianism: An Analysis of Eidhi Foundation

Bakare Najimdeen holds a doctorate degree in politics and international relations from the International Islamic University Islamabad and currently teaching at the Centre for International Peace and Stability (CIPS) National University of Sciences and Technology Islamabad. Najimdeen has been in the business of teaching and research for over a decade, having professional attachment with numbers of tertiary institutions within and outside Pakistan. Najimdeen areas of interest includes EU politics, issues of European Muslims, conflict and peace studies (vis-à-vis the role of the non-state actors and social institutions), globalisation and regionalism, blend of western and Islamic political philosophies. In addition to teaching, Najimdeen has written extensively on the issues of European Muslims and the nexus among conflict, religion, the agents of socialisation and social structures. He is currently engaged in a project “Emerging Trends in a Globalised World: A View from the Muslim World”, an intensive research exercise funded by the Higher Education Commission, Pakistan.