Abdelaziz EL HABTI

The Local Government Association of Chefchaouen " ADL - Chefchaouen" Resume of the intervention of the Local Development Association of Chefchaouen "ADL-Chefchaouen"

Academic Formations

• 2014           : Diploma in Public Law
• 1991           : Diploma in History and Geography
• 1986           : Baccalaureat section letters modern

 Associative Experience

• Since 2016: Member of the regional committee of civil society, equality and equality of opportunities and gender approach
• From October 2015 until now: President of the Association «ADL-Chefchaouen»
• From 2011 to 2015: General Secretary of the Association «ADL-Chefchaouen»
• From 2004 to 2012: Regional Secretary of the National University of Education (Moroccan Union of Labor)
• From 2002 until 2007: President of Ain Hawzi Development Association in Chefchaouen, Morocco
• From 1998 to 2002: Vice-President of the Moroccan Association for Human Rights